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7 Empowering steps to make the internet better

7th February is 20th year of Safer Internet Day (SID). The Centre in Ghana and partners across the globe have undertaken a series of initiatives to make the internet a better place for people across Africa, especially children and young people. Child Online Africa has partnered with some public sector agencies, private sector, Unions and non-governmental organizations across Ghana and… Read More
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Africa Safer Internet Day for 2023 launched

The 2023 Africa Safer Internet day commemoration has been launched officially by its conveners. The virtual launch on Wednesday brought together several players in the digital sector. Series of activities have now been lined up by conveners to create the needed awareness about safer internet for users especially children. This year’s commemoration will take place on Tuesday, February 7, 2023… Read More
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African activists push for better and safer usage of the internet

– – African activists are pushing for a better and safer usage of the internet across the continent with the hope that it will impact users tremendously. These activists stressed the need for African governments to roll out measures that prioritize even more importantly children who use the internet. A virtual forum was held on On Tuesday February 8 as… Read More
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Activists push for better protection for African children online

– – Digital activists have called for a safer and better internet that protects children when they get online. The month of February each year is dedicated for activism that promotes safe and positive use of digital technology for the children and young people. On Tuesday 9th February, the day set aside to discuss how to make the web a… Read More