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Activists push for better protection for African children online

– – Digital activists have called for a safer and better internet that protects children when they get online. The month of February each year is dedicated for activism that promotes safe and positive use of digital technology for the children and young people. On Tuesday 9th February, the day set aside to discuss how to make the web a safe place for everyone especially children, activists demanded better strategies in realizing this. During a virtual forum to make the 2021 Africa Safer Internet Day, various speakers made a case…

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Ghana: Resorting to handshake for Child Online Safety

Every year, 1 billion children continue to be exposed to violence and more than 200 million of these children are sexually abused and exploited. This means that close to 50% of all children are victims of violence, yet unfortunately this issue remains a hidden global epidemic. Increasingly much of this sexual abuse takes place online or is captured and digitally distributed. In this case, the internet is an enabler of abuse and exploitation. Children and young people are posting emotional content on social media for attention and support from friends.…

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