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Ghanaians are angry for paying too much for mobile data

Ghanaians are outraged by a sudden surge in mobile data rates this month from major telecom companies like MTN, operating in the West African nation.

With latest introduced rates, consumers of companies like MTN will have to pay almost $4 for 1G of mobile data.

In a country where incomes or earnings of ordinary people are very low, that is extremely expensive for some and could cut many offline.

A recent report by the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) revealed that Ghana was among some middle-income countries that pay higher rates to be connected to the internet.

Ghana is also one of the countries to have the least affordable internet prices in the world, according to A4AI data.

The A4AI defines affordability of data as 1GB of mobile broadband data costing not more than 2% of average monthly income.

However the report showed that the average across Africa is 7.12% of average monthly income. In Ghana data showed that 1GB of mobile data costs over 2% of average monthly earnings of people.

Although compared to other African countries like Central African Republic, Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo, it cost cheaper to be connected to the internet in Ghana, only the wealthiest can afford to be constantly connected.

Consumers in Ghana are not just outraged by new rates introduced by the telcos without prior notice but in many instances, connectivity is just awful.

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Anger from consumers

On social media, many of the consumers have expressed anger with a trending hashtag #SaveOurData.


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