Breaking News: Panic engulfs Kagame regime as Brig Gen. Tom Byabagamba is also arrested.

Brig Gen Tom Byabagamba with one of his sisters sometime back Brig Gen. Tom Byabagamba from the Rwanda Defence Forces and a former commander of the Kagame’s Security   has been arrested. Inyenyeri news has learnt from the reliable sources that Kagame had sent him to command the notorious Kami Barracks which has not only a death field but a torturing ground… Read More

The Untold Stories: What rules governed RPF State Sponsored Terrorism?

Just before the body of the Transparency International Staff Gustave Makonene, who was gunned down in July last year in Rubavu District, rests in peace, the killers are now hunting the   Boss of the Rwandan anti-corruption watch dog Ingabire Immaculate. The Rwandan government has been accused for neglecting the investigation and brings the killers to Justice. Last week, the Human… Read More

Is President Kagame biting more than he can chew?

by philipetyang i Rwanda President Paul Kagame and his Communist government has in the recent past been engaging regional and continental leaders in a war of words. His actions are tantamount to trying to assert the “illusionary power” of Rwanda as a country. Early last year, President Kagame was claimed to be heard issuing threats against Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete at an event… Read More

Rwanda Democratic Green Party’s Organizing Secretary, Jean Damascene MUNYESHYAKA Missing

Jean Damascene Munyeshyaka missing The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) requests all national security organs to help in finding the whereabouts of its Organizing Secretary Mr.Jean Damascene MUNYESHYAKA, who has been missing since Friday last week (27th June 2014). Mr.Munyeshyaka Jean Damascene was called on phone by an unknown person around 15:00 hrs on Friday in Nyamata town, Bugesera… Read More

“It is not safe in the new Rwanda to share what you really think”

Whispering Truth to Power: Everyday Resistance to Reconciliation in Post-genocide Rwanda Author Dr. Susan Thomson By: Jennifer Fierberg Powerlessness can be defined as the inability to make changes in one’s own life or having the lack of ability to effect change. This lack of power can be a product of social hierarchy, racism, cultural contexts and the influence of political… Read More

Is Peace in Rwanda and in The Great Regions of Africa Achievable?

By: Nziyyumvira Bosco Since The Rwandan Patriot Front (RPF) invasion on October 01, 1990, as well as during period post invasion, RPF has had a reputation of undermining any chance of a peaceful resolution and has instead waged terror, arbitration, kidnapping and killing of politicians and other everyday Rwandans who dared ask questions. Recently on June 05, 2014 in NYABIHU… Read More


By: Dr. Charles Kambanda Edited By: Jennifer Fierberg On June 2, 2014, the Minister of Justice – on behalf of the government of Rwanda (GoR) –  issued communiqué “assessing” Human Rights Watch (HRW) activities and conduct in Rwanda. The GoR broad accusations against HRW fit in five categories: (1) HRW is a tool for some unnamed “authorities” to which HRW… Read More

The Death of a Hero, Captain Mbaye Diagne

Submitted by: Jennifer Fierberg Amadou Deme, Former Captain and Military Intelligence Officer of UNAMIR Force under Commander General Romeo Dallaire in Rwanda1994 before and during the genocide wrote a moving tribute to his friend and colleague, Captain Mbaye Diagne. Captain Diagne is remembered as a hero during the Rwanda Genocide in 1994 for his selfless act in order to save… Read More