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Ghana bans opposition protests amid post-election agitations

– – Ghana’s police service has announced that it has secured a court order banning opposition supporters from protesting amid post-election agitations. Opposition supporters have been demonstrating on the streets alleging of electoral fraud over the December 7 presidential and parliamentary election results. The electoral commission declared the incumbent President Nana Akufo-Addo as winner of the presidential election. But the result was rejected by the opposition leader and former president, John Mahama. His party is also challenging some parliamentary election results with declared parliamentary results resulting in a hung parliament…

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Ghana’s opposition begins legal challenge to 2020 poll results

– – Ghana’s opposition party the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has started legal processes at the country’s supreme court challenging the results of the 2020 elections. The processes to file the court papers are taking place on Tuesday, December 29, 2020 in the capital Accra. There were indications the filing of the court papers will happen on Wednesday but that could be done a day earlier. In a statement, the NDC said its National Executive Committee (NEC) has approved the party’s decision to go to court to challenge the results…

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Sudan’s army and civilians sign power-sharing deal

Sudan’s military council and the opposition alliance have signed a major power-sharing deal in the capital Khartoum. The agreement signed on Saturday now ushers a country gripped by political crisis and violence into a new era. Hopefully the deal should eventually lead to a civilian rule when elections are held at the end of the transition period. There will be a new governing council made up of both civilians and generals and the task is to work towards elections within three years. The deal was signed by Mohamed Hamdan “Hemeti”…

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Zimbabwe: Police fire tear gas and beat protesters in Harare

Zimbabwe police on Friday fired tear gas and beat many opposition supporters who gathered in central Harare for a protest march. The government had banned an anti-government protest although the country’s high court upheld it. Protesters largely members of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) defied the ban. In an attempt to prevent the protest from taking place, police officers clashed with protesters. Police had to fire tear gas and water cannon and in some instances chased protesters from one of the city’s main squares with batons. There were reinforcements…

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Rwanda continues to torture political opponents

RWANDA : THE LATEST EPISODE IN THE PSHYCHOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL TORTURE OF FDU-INKINGI LEADERSHIP Mrs. VICTOIRE INGABIRE AND SIBOMANA SYLIVAIN AUGUST 12, 2015   PRESS RELEASE   In our earlier press release of the 28th July 2015 we informed you of the harsh conditions that the prison authorities had imposed on FDU-Inkingi Chair Mrs Victoire Ingabire. The conditions included denying her access to her lawyer who is representing her in her appeal to the African Human and People Rights Court.Despite the fact that the government was quite aware of the representation and had…

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The Rwandan Opposition Still Own Worst Enemy

For two years in a row, the government of Rwanda the President in particular, has been a lot in the news for the wrong reasons.  His visit to Chicago on 11th June, 2011,  did not go as planned –it was interrupted with deafening protests by Rwandan, Congolese and other African nationals living across North America and others who came from as far as Europe who flew to Chicago to take part in denouncing President Kagame as an assassin.  This is in reference to shooting down a presidential Falcon Jet on…

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Rwanda opposition party to sit out vote after late registration

Rwanda’s Democratic Green Party said on Monday it will sit out September’s parliamentary election after the electoral commission took three years to register it, finally doing so just days before the deadline. Analysts say President Paul Kagame has a well-documented record of blocking, threatening or infiltrating rival parties to stifle even nascent political opposition, and that the belated registration of the Democratic Green Party can hardly be seen as a real opening of the democratic space. Most other parties are allied to Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front, which holds four in…

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