Rwanda opposition moves to form wide coalition

. View photo Former Rwanda Prime Minister Faustin Twagiramungu in Kigali, Rwanda, on August 26, 2003 (AFP Photo/Marco Longari)     Brussels (AFP) – Seven Rwandan opposition parties, including former rebels operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo, met in Brussels on Saturday in moves to create a broad coalition, former prime minister Faustin Twagiramungu said. “We hope to set… Read More

Rwanda: The RPF regime determined to decapitate the political opposition

The Rwandan Supreme Court’s ruling on the appeal of imprisoned opposition leader Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza is expected this Friday 13 December 2013.Ingabire, leader of Rwanda’s FDU-Inkingi Party, was arrested three years ago, in October 2010, after attempting to run for president against sitting President Paul Kagame. The fate of Ingabire was clear from the day (16 January 2010) she… Read More

Rwanda: The population forced to make contributions to fund farcical parliamentary elections.

The RPF regime INKOTANYI is in full gear preparing parliamentary elections on September 16,2013 in which no individual or party critical of the regime will take part. Leaders of key opposition parties are in jail for politically motivated reasons. These include the chair of FDU-Inkingi Mrs Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, Bernard Ntaganda, chair of PS Imberakuri, Deo Mushayidi of Chair PDP/Imanzi… Read More

RNC and FDU welcome Secretary of State John Kerry

FDU-INKINGI AND RWANDA NATIONAL CONGRESS CONGRATULATE THE NEW U.S SECRETARY OF STATE, HON. JOHN KERRY Hon. John Kerry Secretary of StateU.S Department of StateWashington D.C. Dear Hon. Kerry, On behalf of the Rwanda National Congress and FDU-Inkingi, it is our pleasure to congratulate you on the occasion of your confirmation as the new U.S. Secretary of State. The trust that you… Read More

Will it ever be safe to speak up in Rwanda?

By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW It has been another interesting week in the confusion and danger that is Rwandan politics. Frank Habineza, President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has announced his return to Rwanda to register his party and run for parliament. This move has sparked many online discussions as to his motives, timing and speculations of him being… Read More

Bring President Kagame to the International Criminal Court!

By Jennifer Fierberg, MSW Over the last two months the Government of Rwanda has faced some of the hardest financial and public relation challenges since the 1994 Genocide. The UN Group of Experts has found unequivocal evidence that Paul Kagame is providing weapons, soldiers; communication equipment and ammunition to a rebel group in the DR Congo called the M23. This… Read More