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Trump Presidency several times more dangerous than Obama’s

Active Democracy knows all of Jewish Establishment malice … we know allof the skins that they hide under and we know all of their criminal activities. We have also kept the White House in the loop and top political leaders are aware of this ideology and criminal systems. The Jewish Establishment is caught “red handed”. There are direct verifiable links of Jewish monopoly in banks, media, politics and business in America. All evidence of their ownership and malicious systems is available in black and white. And this creates an increased…

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Is President Kagame biting more than he can chew?

by philipetyang i Rwanda President Paul Kagame and his Communist government has in the recent past been engaging regional and continental leaders in a war of words. His actions are tantamount to trying to assert the “illusionary power” of Rwanda as a country. Early last year, President Kagame was claimed to be heard issuing threats against Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete at an event dubbed Youth Konnect in Rwanda. “I will not waste my time answering him, it is well known there is a line you cannot cross…it is impossible,” Kagame threatened the person of…

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