Is President Kagame biting more than he can chew?

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His actions are tantamount to trying to assert the “illusionary power” of Rwanda as a country. Early last year, President Kagame was claimed to be heard issuing threats against Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete at an event dubbed Youth Konnect in Rwanda.

“I will not waste my time answering him, it is well known there is a line you cannot cross…it is impossible,” Kagame threatened the person of President Kikwete. This followed  Kikwete’s humble appeal for peace in the Great Lakes region between Kagame and his opposition; Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), in the Democratic Republic of Congo which he is hell bent to silence. FDLR, a Congo based rebel group responsible for several terrorist attacks in Eastern Congo is Kagame’s bloat in his largely “good” rule in Rwanda.

Irrational Response

Kagame’s irrational response to advice from an old friend, Tanzania was uncalled for. The rhetoric obviously lacked decorum. The Tanzanian government however, swiftly responded to the matter with utmost respect to Kagame. Not because they fear Rwanda (there is nothing to fear) but because it has some sense of diplomacy. Kikwete allowed his Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Co-operation respond to the  verbose.

In his emotional outburst, Kagame, said it is “utter nonsense” Kikwete’s advice of negotiating with the “Interahamwe.” A position contrary to that held by both the United Nations and SADC. One then asks the question, how is Kagame planing on dealing with the thorn on his flesh, permanently giving him sleepless nights while throwing vile aspersions to his reign in Kigali? Its anybody’s guess that his plan, which is doomed to fail even before it starts is to use force.

Obviously Kagame is using the outdated strategy of  waging war to achieve peace. What he and his team of advisers (sycophants) do not realize is that waging war today, against one’s perceived enemy will similarly attract retaliation in equal measure from allies to his enemy.

After the attack on Tanzania, Kagame now appears to be meddling in the affairs of neighboring Kenya in the exact fashion he purports to object. This follows recent remarks of the Rwandan Senate Speaker Jean Damascene Ntawukuliryayo in Nairobi. (Refer to my earlier blog ‘Rwanda cannot solve insecurity in Kenya’).

It is of my considered opinion that the croaking of a frog does not stop a cow from drinking water from a stream. So Kagame’s foot soldiers can blubber as much as they want, dance around the matter, over how to solve insecurity in Kenya probably by silencing the opposition, which they believe hold the key to peace in Kenya, but it still remains what it is. Simply an opinion, just as mine and that of many Kenyans, Hutus, Tutsis who are gloriously referred to as Rwandans today hold.

Mixing oil and water

Kagame is praised for his chemistry prowess of mixing oil and water and convincing the world over that indeed the Hutu and the Tutsi are now one and the same. Ideally this should land him a Nobel nomination for chemistry by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. If his chemistry works in Kigali, he should have no doubt in his mind that if he exported it to Palestine and Israel, it will work seamlessly.This he should do before forcing it down the throats of Kenyans. Lets stop being greedy and bite only that which we can chew.


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