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Nigeria: Victims of Islamic ‘torture house’ share horrific stories

Hundreds of children allegedly chained, tortured and sexually assaulted at an Islamic school in Nigerian state of Kaduna have been sharing their horrific stories. Police last week freed over 500 children, some as young as five before taking them into protective custody. On Sunday police confirmed that the children have now been handed over to the Kaduna State Government for a reunion with their families. According to officials the building where the kids were kept was raided after a tip-off about suspicious activity. Police described the facility as a “house…

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Three Africans arrested for torturing migrants in Libya

Three Africans have been arrested for torturing migrants in a detention centre in north-west Libya. The men, a 22-year-old Guinean and two Egyptians aged 26 and 24, are believed to be part of a group that kidnapped and mistreated dozens of people. According to a Reuters reporting, the judicial order on these Africans revealed that several migrants detained in the former military base of Zawyia recognized these suspects as their former jailers among residents of a migrant registration centre in Sicily. The judicial document quoted one migrant telling magistrates that…

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Bobi Wine supporter dies after abduction and torture

A supporter of popular and outspoken Ugandan MP, Bobi Wine who was brutally attacked by unknown persons has died. Michael Alinda aka Ziggy Wine was first reported to have been kidnapped on 21 July on his way to recording studios in the capital, Kampala. He was later found with one eye plucked out and two of his fingers were also cut off and his belongings taken away. But after dies of fighting to stay alive, Ziggy Wine has been reported to have died. Bobi Wine, whose real name is Robert…

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Breaking News: Panic engulfs Kagame regime as Brig Gen. Tom Byabagamba is also arrested.

Brig Gen Tom Byabagamba with one of his sisters sometime back Brig Gen. Tom Byabagamba from the Rwanda Defence Forces and a former commander of the Kagame’s Security   has been arrested. Inyenyeri news has learnt from the reliable sources that Kagame had sent him to command the notorious Kami Barracks which has not only a death field but a torturing ground for those perceived to be political opponents of the Kagame’s regime. Inyenyeri news has further learnt that, Brig Gen Tom Byabagamba has declined the Kagame offer as this will bring…

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Ex-Kagame escort tortured, threatened; US urges fair trial SPECIAL

By Judi Rever A Rwandan refugee who was illegally returned to Rwanda to face trial on rebellion charges has pleaded guilty after being severely beaten in detention, his wife and a rights activist have confirmed.   Joel Mutabazi — a former escort of President Paul Kagame that was kidnapped in October from Uganda where he had been living in a UN safe house — had originally pleaded not guilty to charges of terrorism, planning an uprising against the state, and murder.   “He was beaten so bad that he sent a…

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Has torture ever been a secret in Rwanda?

 By: Jennifer Fierberg Another damming report has been released about Rwanda. Amnesty International published a report on October 8, 2012 condemning the “unlawful detention and torture by military intelligence” and urging Rwanda to investigate such findings.  The report “Shrouded in Secrecy” is based on seven research visits to Rwanda between September 2010 and June 2012.  Amnesty International conducted over 70 interviews for this report including with individuals previously detained by the military, family members of people disappeared and lawyers. This report explains in great detail how “Between March 2010 and…

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Rwandan military ‘tortured’ civilians

Amnesty International Kigali – Amnesty International on Monday accused Rwandan military intelligence services of engaging in torture, unlawful detention and enforced disappearances of civilians.

The human rights group said in a report members of a Rwandan military intelligence department, known as J2, had tortured civilians with electric shocks, beatings and sensory deprivation to force confessions.

J2 also held civilians in military detention without charge or trial for months on end, Amnesty said.

Rwanda’s Ministry of Justice said on Sunday that while some illegal detentions had taken place, these abuses were handled by the courts.


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