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Niger: Fire kills 20 school children trapped in classrooms

– – At least 20 children have died after fire gutted their classrooms in Niger. The fire started around the entrance of the school, which has a population of 800 students. It spread to 21 classrooms built with straw and trapped the children inside, as they did not have an alternative escape route. The cause of the fire in the school, located in the Pays Bas area of the capital Niamey, has not yet been established. “Without an emergency exit, many were trapped and students were forced to scale the wall to escape.…

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Nigeria: Victims of Islamic ‘torture house’ share horrific stories

Hundreds of children allegedly chained, tortured and sexually assaulted at an Islamic school in Nigerian state of Kaduna have been sharing their horrific stories. Police last week freed over 500 children, some as young as five before taking them into protective custody. On Sunday police confirmed that the children have now been handed over to the Kaduna State Government for a reunion with their families. According to officials the building where the kids were kept was raided after a tip-off about suspicious activity. Police described the facility as a “house…

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Kenya: 7 children killed in school collapse, 57 others injured

A collapsed classroom at a school in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi has killed seven children and injured a further 57. The disaster occurred early on Monday morning at a school called Precious Talent school, according to government officials. Kenya’s government spokesman, Cyrus Oguna said “There have been 57 students that have been taken to hospital for treatment, and we can also confirm that there have been seven fatalities.” Most of the victims were aged between eight and 15 years and were undertaking morning preps. According to local media reporting, the two-storey…

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