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New strain of gonorrhoea detected in Kenya’s Nairobi

Researchers from the Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) have detected a new strain of gonorrhoea. They say the new strain of the sexually transmitted disease is resistant to standard antibiotics and is circulating in the capital, Nairobi. The researchers say the new strain is popular especially among female sex workers in the city. Over 350 sex workers from one clinic… Read More
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Let’s get back to work by investing in modern water and sewerage infrastructure

By Simon Thomas, international consultant, and board member of Mega pipes Solutions Limited As we transition into a new government, the time is ripe to take solid steps towards making good on some of the promises given during the campaign period; particularly urgent is the need to invest in upgrading the water and sewerage infrastructure. The dilapidated and overstretched water and… Read More
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Nairobi bans spitting in public, blowing nose without handkerchief

– – It is now an offence to spit in public and blow your nose without a handkerchief in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi. The latest bans are part of new measures approved by the city’s governor which also covers the playing of loud music in public spaces. The Nairobi authorities consider all these acts public nuisance and want to… Read More
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Man collapses and dies in public vehicle in Kenya

– – A Kenyan man suddenly collapsed and died in a public vehicle in the capital, Nairobi, causing panic among passengers. Passengers aboard the vehicle said they only realized that the man had died when he was asked to give way to another passenger to alight. When the deceased was unresponsive after being asked to give way passengers and crew… Read More
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Kenya: 7 children killed in school collapse, 57 others injured

A collapsed classroom at a school in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi has killed seven children and injured a further 57. The disaster occurred early on Monday morning at a school called Precious Talent school, according to government officials. Kenya’s government spokesman, Cyrus Oguna said “There have been 57 students that have been taken to hospital for treatment, and we can also… Read More
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Low-income earners in Kenya can now access Solar energy through d.light Partnership with Microfinance Institutions

Microfinance institutions remove the cost barrier by extending credit to customers to acquire a solar home system, which they then pay back over time through mobile money.   10 May 2017, San Francisco, CA; Nairobi, Kenya; New Delhi, India. Off-grid solar solutions provider d.light has signed a new partnership with micro lender Musoni to enable low-income consumers in Kenya to… Read More