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International law / international relations, the hideous imposture of the West

According to certain definition, international law is a set of legal rules and regulations that govern relations between sovereign states (the state) and or individuals in an international cross border framework. A State may indicate its agreement and obligatory position in such a relationship in several ways, and specifically in accordance with any final codified provisions of the/a treaty that legislates for such. A treaty being the/a written instrument that is utilized internationally for legal governance for most sovereign agreement. The most common ways include definitive signature, ratification, acceptance or…

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Has torture ever been a secret in Rwanda?

 By: Jennifer Fierberg Another damming report has been released about Rwanda. Amnesty International published a report on October 8, 2012 condemning the “unlawful detention and torture by military intelligence” and urging Rwanda to investigate such findings.  The report “Shrouded in Secrecy” is based on seven research visits to Rwanda between September 2010 and June 2012.  Amnesty International conducted over 70 interviews for this report including with individuals previously detained by the military, family members of people disappeared and lawyers. This report explains in great detail how “Between March 2010 and…

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