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Ghana’s power shutdown threat by producers called off after new deal

Ghana’s independent power producers (IPPs) on Friday called of an earlier threat to shutdown on Saturday. The producers were asking for the payment of a $1.58 billion debt owed them by the government. In late May, the IPPs rejected a government proposal to restructure the said debt as part of Ghana’s decision to seal a $3 billion loan deal from… Read More
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Sudan crisis worsens as truce breaks down with deaths increasing

The power struggle crisis in Sudan among the military has worsened despite a US facilitated truce on Tuesday. Heavy gunfire shattered that 24-hour truce as warring military factions refused to let peace prevail. The humanitarian crisis in the country is also deteriorating as several countries prepare to evacuate their citizens. The U.N.’s World Food Programme suspended operations after three of… Read More
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Energy transition policies and regulatory developments light up across Africa

Energy transition is a key topic of discussion at the African Mining Indaba, in Cape Town, South Africa. Across the continent, countries in Africa are gearing up for energy transition by implementing policy and legislative frameworks that take into account the energy crisis and the need for a renewable, decarbonized, decentralized energy supply that addresses climate change and the commitments… Read More
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The power of renewal – the current status of energy transition in Africa

– – Post-pandemic, new solutions are being implemented to address Africa’s power challenges, which have been hampered by a lack of competitive funding, the dire state of the continent’s utilities infrastructure, and the need for energy policy and legislative reform to boost investment in the sector. Such solutions have had to consider energy transition and the utilization of renewable energy,… Read More
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Ghana suspends $580 Million power agreement with PDS

The government of Ghana has suspended a concession agreement it signed with the Power Distribution Services (PDS). Ghana’s power distributor, the Electricity Company was taken over by the Philippines Meralco Consortium. The takeover by the consortium known as Power Distribution Services, PDS Ghana Ltd took effect in March this year. The PDS Ghana Ltd was expected to take charge of… Read More
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Ghana spends over $1 billion on electricity subsidies?

Ghana’s government is reportedly spending over $ 1 billion on electricity subsidies. According to a close associate of the country’s President, the government is spending excessively just to keep “lights on.” Power consumers in Ghana continue to get frustrated by power outages despite a new consortium taking over it’s power distributor. Power Distribution Services, PDS Ghana Ltd under Philippines Meralco… Read More
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Tanzania is building fourth largest hydro dam in Africa

Tanzania is starting the process of building the fourth largest hydro dam in Africa and the ninth largest in the world. Tanzanian President John Magufuli is to lay the foundation stone for the construction of Stiegler’s Gorge hydroelectric power project. The project according to government officials will cost $3 billion. The 2,115 megawatts hydroelectric dam when completed will produce 5,920GWh… Read More


Authored by Eng Emmanuel Ngarambe Rwanda is thousands of years old. Kings have ruled and left. Presidents have faked democracy and undemocratically left. Rwanda has remained. Rwanda will remain. Unlike us Rwandans, Rwanda is everlasting. Our ancestors lived in Rwanda and died. Like you and me, Kagame will die one day. Rwanda will never die. Rwanda will always be there… Read More

“It is not safe in the new Rwanda to share what you really think”

Whispering Truth to Power: Everyday Resistance to Reconciliation in Post-genocide Rwanda Author Dr. Susan Thomson By: Jennifer Fierberg Powerlessness can be defined as the inability to make changes in one’s own life or having the lack of ability to effect change. This lack of power can be a product of social hierarchy, racism, cultural contexts and the influence of political… Read More


The wary blur of President Kagame’s 2017 promise to relinquish power   By: Charles KM KAMBANDA, PhD A Rwandan newspaper, the Chronicles, reported that the former rebel leader and all-powerful iron-handed leader of Rwanda said, “I will not be around as president come 2017”. On the issue of whether or not President Kagame will amend the constitution allowing him to remain… Read More