The Untold Stories: What rules governed RPF State Sponsored Terrorism?

Just before the body of the Transparency International Staff Gustave Makonene, who was gunned down in July last year in Rubavu District, rests in peace, the killers are now hunting the   Boss of the Rwandan anti-corruption watch dog Ingabire Immaculate. The Rwandan government has been accused for neglecting the investigation and brings the killers to Justice.

Last week, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) alleged that investigations into the murder of the former coordinator of Transparency International Rwanda in Rubavu District, Western Province had “stalled” and that Rwanda kept “silent” about it. Indeed, the Transparency International Rwanda Chief Ingabire Immaculate in a somber voice full of fear and confusion has been very careful in selecting words for the media in reaction to her attempt assassination today in the broad day light in the Rwandan Capital.

She has told the Voice of America that the investigation of the killers of her colleauge that has not stalled, but  she  quickly  added that the investigation is slow and they don’t even have  little information on these killers.  Indeed, she said that this is not an isolated case, many people have been murdered and the police have never come public to tell the Rwandan people who is behind all these murders.

Who is behind all these killings? What are the rules governing state sponsored terrorism? Is terrorism a monopoly of non-state actors?

The Rwandan police defended its self by arguing that the case is still open and everybody with any information is welcome, Damas Gatare said:
“The case is still open to investigations, even though the case file and suspects were forwarded to prosecution. We welcome everyone, including the HRW, with information that might bring to justice all those responsible for this criminal act,” ACP Damas Gatare, the Rwanda National Police Spokesperson, said. Makonene’s body was found on the shores of Lake Kivu on July 18.

Since the body of the Vice-President of the Rwandan Democratic Green Party, Mr Andre Kagwa Rwisereka, was found y on Tuesday 13th July 2010, near the town of Butare in the south of Rwanda,,no justice has been dispensed. Mr Rwisereka’s body was badly mutilated and his car dumped close to where his body was found. His body was identified by his brother. Unfortunately the police has consistently said that, it is still investigating, and no justice for this veteran politician has ever been dispensed. His family has kept quiet for fearing of reprisals and many have been warned by the Rwandan Security forces.

Kagame is man who does not mince words when it comes to elimination of his opponents, he can even deliver revengeful words in a church. During the thanks giving prayer in front of the church goers and church leaders he warned that whoever tries to interfere with what he calls Rwandan development will be met with a cliff of   serious consequences.

Without mentioning any names, Mr Kagame told a national prayer breakfast meeting: “You cannot betray Rwanda and get away with it. There are consequences for betraying your country.”

“I cannot be apologetic about that if you know the grenades that have been thrown on our streets killing Rwandan children,” he said

But who throws these grenades to Rwandans? Why do the investigations stall and lead to nothing?

The answers to these questions are not difficult to find, the murder case of the former presidential advisor Mr.  Assiel Kabera was shelved; his family up to now has never stopped asking the Rwandan president verbally and in writing to use his powers as a head of state to bring the culprits to justice.

The family argued that Mr. Assiel Kabera was not someone who just disappeared. He was assassinated, in the cold blood, in front of his house not far from the president office. Despite many promises by the Rwandan head of State, 14 years have gone no justice for this man. Kagame does not stop to low profile people, he even kills his counterparts, it is believed that he killed his Congolese counterpart Mr. Laurent Kabila, not because they had a state to state conflict but rather a disagreement on what Laurent Kabila saw as continued interferes in the Congo internal affairs by Kagame.

But why Kagame has managed to lie, manipulate even the most and highly educated Rwandnas and to certain extend some foreigners? Some answers could be found in the book of Henry Kyemba, “the Sate of blood”

It is inconceivable that a head of state can go wild or mad for that matter, during broad day light publicly and announce that at a time of choosing he will kill a president of another country.This is what Kagame said to the youth attending the event dubbed ‘Youth Konnect’ and sponsored by his wife Jeanette Kagame: “This person you just heard siding with the Interahamwe and FDLR and urging negotiations…negotiations?”

Kagame then said he will never discuss the topic but will wait for Kikwete at the right place and strike him.

“I will not waste my time answering him (Kikwete), it is well known there is a line you cannot cross…it is impossible,” Kagame was heard saying while threatening president Kikwete. Therefore whoever is asking or is in doubt of who is killing the Rwandan people should now be answered; the man who is supposed to protect them is the one killing them.

When the Vice President of the Green Party Mr. Andrew Rwisereka Kagwa was murdered, the European Green Party Co-Spokespersons, Monica Frassoni and Philippe Lamberts, expressed shock and urged the European Union to put pressure on Kagame to investigate and bring to justice the killers of Andew Rwisereka.

“We also urge the EU to look into this case as a matter of urgency and to inform the Rwandan government about its concerns. We will be contacting the Rwandan embassy in Brussels to obtain more information about this terrible situation”. Unfortunately, the case was shelved and buried in police and prosecution drawers. We all know who is killing innocent Rwandans, it’s high time we stood up against this regime not only for our own survival but also for the survival of our children and grand children.

Jacqueline Umurungi

Source: Inyenyeri News

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