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Germany rejects renegotiating new reparation for Namibia genocide

The Herero and Nama ethnic groups in Namibia had rebelled against German rule in response to the expropriation of their land and cattle by Germany. The head of the military administration in the region, Lothar von Trotha, ordered the massacre in response to the uprising. The indigenous Herero and Nama people had to flee their lands. Those killed were people… Read More
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Angola: Opposition files legal challenge against election results

– – Angola’s main opposition party on Thursday filed a formal legal challenge with the constitutional court against last week’s general election. The opposition party is seeking the annulment of the results of the election in which the ruling MPLA was declared the winner. Last month’s general election was the most closely fought election since independence from Portugal in 1975.… Read More
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IMF approves a $1.3 billion loan program for Zambia

– – The International Monetary Fund has given approval for a $1.3 billion, 38-month loan program for Zambia. The approval given on Wednesday is a crucial step in helping the country to restructure its debts and rebuild an economy ravaged by mismanagement and COVID-19. The IMF said in a statement that the new Extended Credit Facility arrangement would provide total… Read More
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Four German tourists killed in plane crash in Namibia

– – Four German tourists have died in a plane crash in Namibia, police said on Tuesday. The tourists, all from one family died together with and their South African pilot when the plane crashed. According to a police report the plane crashed a few minutes after taking off from an airstrip on Impalila Island along the Zambezi River. The… Read More
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Why Does the Expansion of All Forex Brokers Start in South Africa?

– – One of the most developed countries on the African continent is South Africa, which has good tech literacy, has a young population. Especially in the last few years, the citizens of the country, which has been at the top of all countries in the world in forex trading, have shown an interest in online trading and become the… Read More
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Angola’s governing party extends long rule with election victory

– – Angola’s ruling People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) is set to extend his long stay in power with this month’s election victory. The party was declared winner of last week’s national election by the electoral commission as it is set to stay in power beyond the nearly five decades since independence. With this latest win incumbent… Read More
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Man runs 90km marathon to propose to a woman

– – A South African man decided to run a 90km marathon as a sign of his love to a woman he desires to marry. The 57-year-old man, identified as Joseph Kagiso Ndlovu went the extra mile to prove his love for this woman. His action has set online users on a frenzy with his action trending on social media.… Read More
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South Africa’s nationwide strike over rising cost of living

The World Bank said this is the most unequal country in the world. It’s report shows that about 30.3 million South African citizens are living in poverty. 13.8 million South Africans are also facing food scarcity that has been worsened by rising food prices. – – South Africa is grappling with the economic impact of global events such as Covid… Read More
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South Africa: New Zulu King Misuzulu ka Zwelithini crowned

South Africa’s Zulu community has a new king called Misuzulu ka Zwelithini. He was crowned the new Zulu king on Saturday. The 48 year old’s accession to the thrown faced a challenge though but after his coronation he pledged to unite the Zulu nation. “Today the Zulu nation starts a new chapter,” he is quoted by AFP as telling the… Read More
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South Africa Impressive as Cricket World Cup Approaches

– – Over the years, South Africa has earned an unwanted reputation in cricketing terms. They have been widely known as the chokers of the game after a series of poor results in global tournaments. Somehow, South African teams in the past have managed to conjure up defeat from winning positions. As a result, there is little interest in the… Read More