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South Africa apologizes to Nigeria over xenophobic violence

South Africa has sent an official envoy to Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari apologizing over recent xenophobic attacks. These violent attacks sparked tension between Nigeria and South Africa, resulting in the evacuation of some Nigerians from South Africa. Many Nigerians were attacked and their businesses destroyed in the wave of the xenophobic attacks mainly in Johannesburg. A special envoy from South Africa on Monday presented an apology to Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari. Jeff Radebe said South Africa was sorry for the violence and sent it’s “sincerest apologies”. Radebe said at a…

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South Africa arrests hundreds over xenophobic violence

Police arrest more than 300 for crimes against migrants, after violence kills eight and displaces more than 1,000. South Africa’s government has vowed to crack down on xenophobic violence, after arresting more than 300 people for a range of crimes against migrants. Authorities said on Sunday in Johannesburg that 307 suspects had been arrested for a range of xenophobic-related crimes. Security agencies have also increased the police presence on the ground after at least eight deaths in anti-immigrant violence in the past week. “They have actually pushed other people to…

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“Shut up or I’ll kill you”

By: Jennifer Fierberg General Kayumba Nyamwasa residence attacked by gunmen in Johannesburg (South Africa) Over ten years ago Allison Des Forges, the first prominent researcher on Rwanda and the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, wrote about Kagame and how he eliminates his political dissidents with impunity. Kagame goes to great lengths to imprison, kill or drive into exile and then even hunts them down in exile to silence them. Once again, another Rwandan Political Opposition figure has faced an attempt on his life. The details are still developing as the South African…

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How Madiba influenced the arts

Nelson Mandela-GoneBLANTYRE(MaraPost)–There could hardly be any other contemporary icon from the arts to politics that every author, sculptor, film producer or musician wants to do something about than Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela who died aged 95 on December 5 in the leafy Houghton suburb of Johannesburg and is scheduled to be interred in his homeland on Qunu in the Eastern Cape Sunday.

There have been tens of books about Mandela, some written by the icon himself, several films and lots of music. Even in death there has already been fodder of material worth more books.

A few days after his death the American revolutionary poet Maya Angelou wrote and recited a poem in honour of Nelson Mandela whom she met in the 1960s when she lived in Cairo.

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Malawi summons South African ambassador after Zuma gaffe

Jacob ZumaBlantyre, Malawi, Oct. 23 (AFRICAGVILLAGE) _ South African High Commissioner to Malawi Cassandra Mbuyane-Mokone was summoned in the capital, Lilongwe, Thursday by Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Ephraim Mganda Chiume to explain President Jacob Zuma’s ‘disparaging remarks’ against the southern African country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed.

“Her Excellency Mbuyane-Mokone explained to the Hon. Minister that President Zuma was quoted out of context,” she said. “As far as we are concerned the issue is resolved, it’s now water under the bridge. Malawi and South Africa enjoy good relations.” 

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