Muammar Gaddafi Africa OP-ED 

Critical Thinking: Challenging Dogma and Effecting Change in Africa

Very early in life, I noticed a connection between questioning and change – between asking why? Why not? How do you know? and the project of societal renewal. Evidently, questioning is a product of discontent, of lack of satisfaction with the way things are, with the status quo and a desire for how things should be, for the new and… Read More

Children at risk in the hands of the FDLR in eastern of Democratic Republic of the Congo

By: Joseph H. Cavallaro- Vision GRAM-International     May 26, 2015 – In recent weeks, several hundred Congolese children have escaped from armed groups in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Though the freeing of children from armed groups is always a cause for celebration, there are still an estimated 30,000 children fighting with armed groups in the DR Congo. The… Read More

SA heads for new DRC war

South Africa has 1000 troops in the DRC as part of the UN’s Force Intervention Brigade, which is tasked with “neutralising” threats to the region. File photoImage by: SIPHIWE SIBEKO / REUTERS   The government yesterday announced that a confrontation with Forces for Democratic Liberation of Rwanda in the Democratic Republic of Congo was “inevitable”. Four thousand FDLR soldiers, many of… Read More

Tanzania: We won’t be ready to join any combined attack against the rebels because not all people in eastern DR Congo are FDLR rebels

“As a country (Tanzania) we won’t be ready to join any combined attack against the rebels because not all people in eastern DR Congo are FDLR rebels,” Bernard Membe, Tanzania’s Minister for Foreign Affairs told the media in Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania, hence rejecting, for some observers, the urgency of conducting military operations against Rwandan rebels and refugees based in Eastern Democratic… Read More

Exclusive: Congo’s army accused of abuse as rebels regroup in Rwanda: U.N. experts

(Reuters) – Recently defeated M23 rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo have continued to recruit fighters in neighboring Rwanda while the Congolese army has been involved in human rights abuses and corruption, according to a confidential U.N. report. “The Group has documented that M23 received continued support from Rwandan territory,” the U.N. Group of Experts said in its final report… Read More

M23 Warn DRC Army

In what appears as the latest escalation of tensions in Eastern Congo, the rebel M23 Movement has given the DRC government an ultimatum of 48 hours to vacate their strategic stronghold Southern town of Kamahoro, Chimp Corps reports. In a press conference held at Silver Springs Hotel in Kampala on Tuesday evening, the leader of M23 peace delegation to Kampala,… Read More

DR Congo rebels face disarmament deadline today

Congolese government army soldiers stay concealed at an attack position near Munigi, overlooking the front-line, where they are fighting against M23 rebels outside the eastern Congolese city of Goma, July 15, 2013. – Reuters picKINSHASA, Aug 1 — Rebels in the volatile east of the Democratic Republic of Congo face a deadline today to lay down their arms, but they have dismissed… Read More

FDLR Press Release: Addressing false statements made on AfroAmerica Network

By: Jennifer Fierberg The FDLR remain a group that seeks to make itself understood to the region and the world at large. Googling this group will bring up many images and stories about the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda where just under one million Rwandans were savagely murdered. One can not think about Rwanda without remember this horrific event and even… Read More