CAR: Machete Wielding Youths Lay Corpses In Bangui Streets

Car1The United Nations was alarmed yesterday when dozens of dead bodies were found lying all over the streets in Bangui town in the Central African Republic.

The dead bodies are a reflection of the work being done by youths armed with machetes and grenades who have embarked on a career of mass massacre.

The Archbishop and the Imam of Bangui came out recently and warned over the terror being spread by these youths but his warning was not head.

“There is a complete disorder. Young people are carrying grenades and machetes,” Imam Kobin Omar Yalama had said.

Machete wielding youths continue to terrorise, displace and kill citizens

Reports have indicated that 710,000 people have sought refuge in Internationally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps at the hands of the said youths.

UN has not yet disclosed the number of the corpses picked from Bangui streets.

Here is a statement by Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the Central African Republic in reference to the deaths:

The Secretary-General is appalled by the continuing inter-communal violence in the Central African Republic (CAR), including the reports today of dozens more bodies found on the streets of Bangui.

The Secretary-General is saddened by the deaths yesterday of six peacekeepers from the African-led International Support Mission (MISCA), and he pays homage to the sacrifice they have made.

He calls on all parties and citizens to cooperate with the African Union and French forces. Their mission is to provide desperately needed security. They are not part of the conflict between Central Africans.

The Secretary-General was also saddened to learn of the killing of a UN national staff member on Tuesday.

The Secretary-General extends his deepest condolences to the families of all of the victims of the violence in the CAR. 

He appreciates the efforts of UN personnel working under extremely trying circumstances to help the people of the CAR, and he is committed to their security. 

The Secretary-General calls again on the Transitional Authorities of the CAR to uphold their responsibilities to rein in those fomenting and perpetrating the violence. 

He reiterates that those responsible for atrocities must be held accountable.  The Secretary-General welcomes the appeals for peace by religious leaders, both Christian and Muslim, and he hopes that leaders at all levels will reinforce this message.

The Secretary-General reaffirms the full commitment of the United Nations to help the Central African Republic emerge from this terrible crisis and to build peace. 

He stresses the urgency at this time of providing security and protection for the civilian population, facilitating humanitarian assistance, and creating the conditions for a negotiated and orderly return to constitutional order.


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