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Namibia: Incumbent President Geingob wins re-election

Namibia’s incumbent President Hage Geingob has been declared winner of last month’s presidential election. The electoral commission of Namibia said on Saturday that Geingob retained power, winning the election with 56.3% of the vote. His closest rival, a fellow SWAPO party member Panduleni Itula who ran as independent came second with 29.4%. In third place was the leader of the… Read More
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Namibia: Commonwealth says poll was ‘peaceful and orderly’

Namibia’s election on 27 November was carried out in a largely peaceful and orderly manner, according to an interim statement issued by the Commonwealth observers who were deployed to the country. The group noted that the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly Elections – the sixth multiparty elections since Namibia‘s independence – were the most competitive in the country’s electoral history.… Read More
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Namibians vote in crucial presidential and parliamentary polls

Namibians went to the polls on Wednesday to vote for a new president and parliamentarians in elections considered crucial and anticipated to be tight. The ruling Swapo party has been in power since independence from South Africa in 1990 and is expected to prolong that hold on power. Incumbent President Hage Geingob who is the country’s third leader since independence… Read More
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Esther Muinjangue: Namibia’s first female candidate for president

On Wednesday Namibians will be heading to the polls and Esther Muinjangue will be the country’s first female presidential candidate in the election. She will be leading her National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) party into the election hoping the 2.45 million citizens will give her a chance to lead the country. In an interview with AFP she said she feels… Read More
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Africa is saying NO to international criminal court (ICC)

African leaders have long voiced concerns about the fairness of the international criminal courtas to has always been seen to target Africans. This issue is now gaining significant traction after the Gambia became the third country on the continent to announce its withdrawal from the Hague-based tribunal. The move follows similar announcements from Burundi and South Africa, who informed the… Read More

Zimbabwe tops Africa’s literacy rate as Malawi trails at position 28

 BLANTYRE--Malawi has been ranked 28 on the literacy rate record in Africa whereas Zimbabwe has for the third consecutive time been ranked at the apex of the list, the latest list by the African Economist Magazine reveals. Malawi is on position 28 with 62.7 percent, 30 percent behind Zimbabwe which has 90.7 percent. Education activists in the country have attributed... Read More

African Commission condemns coerced sterilisation of women living with HIV

Johannesburg, November 7 – In a landmark pronouncement for women’s rights, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) has condemned the coerced sterilisation of women living with HIV as a blatant violation of their fundamental rights, which are guaranteed under the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.  Read More