Zimbabwe Supreme Court to rule on access to lawful abortion

Harare, 24 March – On Tuesday 25th March, the Zimbabwe Supreme Court will deliver its judgment in a landmark sexual and reproductive rights case brought by the Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWLA).  The ZWLA argued that the government should pay maintenance for a child who was born because the authorities failed to provide the mother – a rape survivor –... Read More

Major Boost for Free Speech in Zambia as Court aquits HIV activist

Lusaka, 25 February – After a lengthy legal process, the renowned Zambian human rights and HIV activist, Paul Kasonkomona, was acquitted today by the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court on charges relating to comments he made on television in support of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people – a ruling that provides a major boost to freedom of... Read More

South Africa Supreme Court orders police to investigate Zimbabwe torture case

SUPREME COURT OF APPEAL ORDERS SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE TO INVESTIGATE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY COMMITTED IN ZIMBABWE  Johannesburg, 27 November – In a landmark decision for local and international justice, the South African Supreme Court of Appeal today ordered the South African Police Service (SAPS) to investigate high level Zimbabwean officials accused of committing crimes against humanity in Zimbabwe.  Read More

African Commission condemns coerced sterilisation of women living with HIV

Johannesburg, November 7 – In a landmark pronouncement for women’s rights, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) has condemned the coerced sterilisation of women living with HIV as a blatant violation of their fundamental rights, which are guaranteed under the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.  Read More

Bail application in Zambian ‘Carnal Knowledge’ case must proceed, say SALC and OSISA

ZAMBIAN HIGH COURT MUST PROCEED WITH BAIL APPLICATIONFOR ACCUSED IN ‘CARNAL KNOWLEDGE CASE’, SAY SALC AND OSISA Johannesburg, 14 October 2013 – The Southern African Litigation Centre (SALC) and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) have expressed their deep concern at the Zambia High Court’s delay in hearing the bail application of the two Kapiri men accused of... Read More

International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence calls on African States to back ICC

Sonke Gender Justice joins Nobel laureates and women's rights campaignersto call on African leaders to support the International Criminal Court Johannesburg, October 11 - In a letter released yesterday, the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict—including 7 Nobel peace laureates—called on members of the African Union (AU) to back the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a... Read More

War criminals can’t hide behind confidentiality clause in refugee law says SA Constitutional Court

JOHANNESBURG – The South African Constitutional Court ruled today in Mail and Guardian Media Limited and others v Chipu NO and others that provisions contained in the Refugee Act providing for absolute confidentiality in the context of refugee applications are unconstitutional and invalid being an unreasonable limitation on the right to freedom of expression. In reaching this finding, the court placed reliance on... Read More

Victory for women’s rights in southern Africa as Botswana Court of Appeal finds women can inherit under customary law

GABORONE – The fight for women’s rights in Botswana took a major step forward today when the Court of Appeal in Ramantele v Mmusi and Others upheld the right of four sisters to inherit their family homestead, rejecting the argument that under Ngwaketse customary law only sons were allowed to inherit it. Read More

Improving Pre_trail Justice in Malawi thorugh Training Programmes

Lilongwe, 27 August – While Malawi has strengthened its judicial policies in recent years, it still struggles to implement and enforce them efficiently and effectively – which is why around 100 Malawian justice officials, including magistrates and prosecutors, are currently undergoing specialised legal training focussed on improving the administration of pre-trial justice. Read More

High Court Finds Namibia Coervively Sterilised HIV Positive Women

Johannesburg, 30 July 2012 – In a landmark judgment, the High Court in Windhoek found today that the Namibian government had coercively sterilised three HIV-positive women in violation of their basic rights.  “This decision is a significant victory for HIV positive women in Namibia,” said Nicole Fritz, the Executive Director of the Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC). “This ruling affirms not... Read More