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5 little habits to make life better

Making wholesale changes to your life is difficult. It’s great to have a long term dream, whether it relates to a personal goal or a professional one. The only drawback is that making your long term dreams come true takes time, and we could all use a few smaller, simple things to keep us motivated while we’re working on them. Keeping a positive mind-set is a vital part of keeping ourselves focused and on the right track – but it’s easier said than done! We could tell you that people…

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#Umjolowithazola: The hashtag helping South Africans find love

Finding a life partner or lover has evolved tremendously across generations and centuries. Often people have to find love by meeting face to face with potential suitors. But with the emergence of digital media platforms finding love has taken a whole new format. In South Africa, a social media personality launched a hashtag called #Umjolowithazola to help people find lovers. The hashtag trends “every Sunday from morning till late and it’s a platform for everyone who is genuinely seeking partners,” the originator, Azola Mlota told Africa Feeds. What twitter users…

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Man stands in plane for SIX HOURS so wife can sleep

A man had to stand in a plane to allow for his supposed wife to lie across three seats to sleep. Image of the development which was shared on social media has provoked outrage. Courtney Lee Johnson, a life coach from Indiana shared the image on his twitter account. He claimed the unidentified man stood in the aisle of the cabin while his wife slept for a full six hours during a long-haul flight. He wrote “This guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now…

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