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Women watch porn, too — but why?

– – Women do not usually watch porn. Or do they? According to recent surveys by popular porn websites such as PornHub and xHamster, nearly one-third of the porn-viewing audience is made up of women, and that share is increasing. First, let’s go a little into the science of the matter. The neurons that cause humans to become aroused by… Read More
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Nigerian Embassy in Berlin suspends worker for soliciting sex from clients

– – A chief security officer working for the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin, Germany is being investigated for soliciting sex from passport applicants. The man whose name has been given as Mr. Martin has also been suspended after he was filmed in a hotel room attempting to have sex with a lady who has allegedly applied for a passport renewal.… Read More
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These positions in bed will make your woman come hard

– – Women and men don’t always agree about what qualifies as great sex. Due to our differing anatomies, what feels pleasurable to one partner may not be all that impressive to the other. In this satisfaction battle of the sexes, women often lose out. “Intercourse itself seems to be designed really for giving the man pleasure,” says Deborah Caust, clinical sexologist and… Read More
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Why older women seek love with young men in Gambia

– – These thrill-seeking grannies are young at heart . . . and in the loins. A new documentary that premiered last night in the UK reports on a new tourism trend seeing older European women traveling to West African country Gambia for love and sex with younger men. In turn, the aspirational Gambian men may often receive gifts of tens of… Read More
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Here are the 13 benefits of orgasms you need to know

– – The benefits of orgasms are crazy: Not only can they help you sleep better, orgasms can also boost your immunity, promote bone health, and clear your skin—and that’s just a few of their benefits. “The brain manufactures and releases substances called neurotransmitters and neuropeptides during sexual stimulation and orgasm. These substances are wonderful for your overall physical and emotional wellbeing. They can… Read More
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Angry Malawian lawmakers reject condom donation

– – Lawmakers in Malawi have rejected more than 200,000 condoms donated to them by the Aids Health Foundation. The Members of Parliament are angry about a media publication that said that parliament dispenses about 10,000 condoms every month. The media report further noted that the Malawian legislature sometimes “runs out of stock” of condoms placed in toilets within the… Read More
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Ghana: Two lecturers ‘breached rules’ in sex-for-grades film

Ghana’s premier and prominent university has found two of its lecturers guilty of breaching its code of conduct after they were implicated in a sex-for-grades film. The BBC’s Africa Eye’s sex-for-grades film implicated two lecturers of the University of Ghana, Prof Ransford Gyampo and Dr Paul Kwame Butakor in the scandal. They were filmed allegedly making sexual advances towards some… Read More
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Mum takes daughter to ‘court’ for breaking her bed having sex

A furious mum who discovered her daughter had broken her bed having sex is demanding she pays her £1,600 for a new one. Nicole has been at loggerheads with daughter Rhiannon ever since her night of “intense passion” which saw her and an unnamed lover snap the bed frame and break several wooden slats. Rhiannon claims she cannot afford to… Read More
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West African lecturers implicated in ‘sex for grade’ scandal

A BBC investigation has implicated some lecturers at two public universities in West Africa, namely Ghana and Nigeria in sex for grade scandal. The documentary on sexual harassment was produced following an investigation into activities of lecturers in two top West African universities. BBC’s Africa Eye revealed secret footage that implicated lecturers at the University of Ghana and the University… Read More
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Ghana’s sexuality lesson for pupils sparks controversy

Ghana’s decision to introduce Comprehensive Sexuality Education in public schools has sparked controversy. Education service officials have said that beginning next year, pupils in all public schools, including five-year-olds, will receive Comprehensive Sexuality Education lessons. The Ghana Education Service argued that, the subject will empower pupils with values that would protect them from sexual harassment. But some parents and local… Read More