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Former French president, Jacques Chirac dies at 86

Jacques Chirac, the former French president whose later years were blighted by corruption scandals, has died aged 86. “President Jacques Chirac died this morning surrounded by his family, peacefully,” his son-in-law told the French news agency AFP. Mr Chirac served two terms as French president and took his country into the single European currency. The French National Assembly observed a… Read More

How To Talk To Rwandan Rulers: First Flatter Them, And Then Hit Hard With Truth

By: Dr. David Himbara Managing Directors of IMF are supposed to be dull and boring economists obsessed with balancing countries’ books. Not Christine Lagarde. A former finance minister in France, she is a clever political operator. She proved this in her visit to Rwanda, the high mark of which was her speech in Rwandan parliament on January 27, 2015. Her… Read More

20 years on, France confronts Rwandan genocide

The first French trial of a Rwandan accused of involvement in the genocide of 1994 opened in Paris on Tuesday. The Rwandan justice minister called it a “positive sign”, while the plaintiffs hailed it as a “historic” event. He appeared in the court room in his wheelchair. 54-year-old Pascal Simbikangwa (pictured, above), a paraplegic since 1986, is charged with complicity... Read More

Zero Dark Mali

by Pepe Escobar The imperialial juggernaut is once again on a roll in North Africa, with France in the lead. Secular-run Algeria had “better get its US$50 billion in reserves out of Western banks as soon as possible.” But overwhelming arms do not guarantee victory. “The French are on their way to meet the American fate in both Iraq and... Read More

Kenya plays hardball with envoys of countries backing the ICC case

ATLANTA — Kenya is punishing nations backing the International Criminal Court, where President Uhuru Kenyatta faces trial for crimes against humanity, by keeping those countries envoys in limbo while they wait for accreditation.  European nations had threatened to keep diplomatic contact with newly elected Kenyatta to a minimum due to the looming trial at The Hague-based court.  Read More

Rwanda Peoples Party Congratulates President-Elect Hollande of France

By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW After a five year term in office former President Sarkozy of France has conceded defeat to President Elect Mr. Francois Hollade. France and Rwanda have had a complex relationship for many decades with attempted amends being made when President Paul Kagame of Rwanda visited former President Sarkozy in 2011 to mend relations between the two countries.… Read More

BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa Testifies in front of Judge Trevidic

By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW On 20 April 2012 Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa testified in front of Judge Trevidic in France for over six hours. He reported that he testified to all that he knew regarding the shooting down of former President Habyarimanas airplane in April of 1994 just before the genocide started. His testimony included the information in his published confession… Read More


By: Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa The saga between Kagame and France continues. It is a familiar story that sometimes sounds like a children’s fairy tale. The latest is France recalling its Ambassador to Kigali, whom many have referred to as a French RPF cadre. But what is the reason behind this decision? Kagame does not want the new French nominee to… Read More

Rwanda:President Kagame Rejects Paris Envoy

France said Monday it had recalled its ambassador to Rwanda afterauthorities in Kigali refused to accept Paris's choice of a new envoy. "The Rwandan authorities refused to give this approval" and "we have recalled our ambassador (Laurent Contini) for consultations in order to study the situation," said a French foreign ministry spokesman, Vincent Floreani. . Read More