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Zambia’s Copper Queens beaten 10-3 in Olympic debut

– – Zambia’s women football team, the Copper Queens on Wednesday lost 10-3 in their Olympic debut, to European champions the Netherlands. Zambia however did put up a fight at the Miyagi Stadium with their captain Barbra Banda scoring an impressive hat-trick. The Zambian team is ranked 104th in the world and are the only female team from Africa in the competition. There have been reactions on social media over the outcome of the match. zambia just scored three against the world cup runner ups. but you’ll never see anyone…

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Family spent 9 years in secret room ‘waiting for end of time’

A father and six adult children in the Netherlands have been found in a secret room after nine years waiting for the end of time. Police discovered the family on Tuesday, saying they had hidden in the basement of a remote farmhouse. The father of the family, and his children aged between 18 and 25 were retrieved near the village of Ruinerwold in the northern province of Drenthe. According to local media reporting the family were discovered after one of the sons went to a nearby pub. At the said…

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Stolen 18th century Ethiopian crown to return home

An Ethiopian Sirak Asfaw left his home country in late 1970s for Netherlands fleeing political repression of the Communist government. The Communist government, or Derg had come to power in 1974 but the regime unleashed violence known as the Red Terror. Hundreds of thousands were killed and many forced to leave the country. Asfaw was one of them, becoming a refugee in Netherlands who then subsequently became a host to many Ethiopians who had left the country. His flat in Rotterdam between 1980s and 1990s was a safe haven for…

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Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s president, is under growing pressure from international donors to end alleged support for a fresh rebellion in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. The Netherlands on Thursday became the first European country to announce it was suspending budget support to the Kigali government as a result of evidence in a report by a United Nations group of experts. The report accused Rwandan officials of violating a UN arms embargo by supplying weapons, ammunition and fighters to the M23 militia in eastern Congo responsible for the heaviest outbreak…

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