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Ghana’s campaign to get men to check for breast cancer

The month of October is widely referred to as the Pink month, dedicated to creating awareness about breast cancer. Across countries screening and treatment of the disease do take place but in Ghana this year, focus is being placed on men getting out and testing for the cancer of the breast. In the capital, Accra, dozens of women gather at a health screening outlet on the premises of Star Life, an insurance company to check for cancer of the breast. But they are not the only ones hoping to find…

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“I am not a sex object”: Female entrepreneur speaks out

A female entrepreneur from Sierra Leone, Vickie Remoe has shared her story of how she continues to suffer sexual harassment in the hands of some men. Remoe is one of the leading female voices in Sierra Leone who speaks against cultural practices subjecting women to ridicule in her country. Besides building a vibrant communication business, Remoe also makes it her duty to take on politicians in Sierra Leone for failing to deliver. In a blog post, Remoe said on several occasions, some men she encountered engage in sexism behaviours towards…

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This Is Why Female Journalists Deserve More Respect

    And this right here, folks, is why it takes a very strong person to be a female journalist. A new study by the think tank Demos looking at millions of Twitter messages found that well-known or famous men receive more offensive and negative messages than their female counterparts. Except in one category: female journalists. Yep, female journalists were the only subjects that got trolled on and verbally abused more than men. More than 5 percent of all Twitter messages sent to female journalists are unfavorable, according to the study. In…

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