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“I am not a sex object”: Female entrepreneur speaks out

A female entrepreneur from Sierra Leone, Vickie Remoe has shared her story of how she continues to suffer sexual harassment in the hands of some men. Remoe is one of the leading female voices in Sierra Leone who speaks against cultural practices subjecting women to ridicule in her country. Besides building a vibrant communication business, Remoe also makes it her duty to take on politicians in Sierra Leone for failing to deliver. In a blog post, Remoe said on several occasions, some men she encountered engage in sexism behaviours towards…

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Women journalists harassed and abused, often by colleagues – survey

A member of the local media records a fire at the Comayaguela market in Tegucigalpa February 18, 2012. REUTERS/Jorge Dan Lopez   LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – It’s not news that women journalists are groped and threatened while covering protests and conflict, but often they face this abuse at work, and when they complain, they are told to “grow up”. So says an international survey on women in the news media, which found that nearly two-thirds of respondents said they had experienced intimidation, abuse and even death threats because of…

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