This Is Why Female Journalists Deserve More Respect


And this right here, folks, is why it takes a very strong person to be a female journalist.

new study by the think tank Demos looking at millions of Twitter messages found that well-known or famous men receive more offensive and negative messages than their female counterparts.

Except in one category: female journalists.

Yep, female journalists were the only subjects that got trolled on and verbally abused more than men.

More than 5 percent of all Twitter messages sent to female journalists are unfavorable, according to the study. In every other category of distinguished females, however, the number is much lower, at 1 in every 70 tweets.

Aside from being the target of Twitter attacks, female journalists are also the subject of high rates of sexual harassment in the workplace, are paid less than their male counterparts and are underrepresented on editorial boards and in opinion pages. But let’s not forget that study that found men think female journalism is one of the sexiest careers. So there’s that.

Source: Huffington Post

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