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World leaders urged to protect most vulnerable against climate change

– – More than 2,000 young leaders and youth-led organisations from across the Commonwealth have urged governments to respect the needs and contributions of the world’s most vulnerable groups, in the lead up to global climate talks in Glasgow in November. The Commonwealth Youth Statement on Climate Change, appealed to governments to include youth, women, the elderly and people with disabilities… Read More
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Climate change remains a global emergency despite Covid-19

– – Results of a new survey conducted on the impact of climate change has revealed that many people around the world believe that the current Covid-19 pandemic isn’t the number one global emergency. For many climate change still remains the biggest global emergency requiring serious action to save lives. The Peoples’ Climate Vote, the world’s biggest ever survey of… Read More
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African summit to tackle climate change opens in Ghana

The 2019 Climate Chance Summit has opened in Ghana’s capital, Accra, hosting hundreds of delegates from around the world. Under the theme, “Towards the institutionalization of Local Climate Action and Access to Finance,” efforts are being made to engage local governments in new initiatives to tackle climate change. Already African countries are reportedly at risk of losing about 1.5 percent… Read More
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Commonwealth steps up battle on climate change

The Commonwealth has launched a regenerative climate change model that marries the ancient wisdom of indigenous groups with emerging innovations, technologies and scientific approaches. Common Earth, is the programme that will create a network of projects that could be replicated and adapted to any community, country or region. Government officials, environmentalists, scientists, economists, and representatives from indigenous groups from around… Read More
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Opinion: We need to challenge climate change doubters

Imagine a London where the entire subterranean region is engulfed with dirty water. Crammed train carriages that once barrelled along 249 miles of track transporting busy office workers, builders, teachers, civil servants, cleaners and students now rest in the murky debris-filled gut of a dying city – flooded iron ghosts. Last year’s chilling headlines warning that London is under threat… Read More