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Opinion: Media responsibility towards Child Protection Online

The democracy in the digital media landscape is good but does it work favourably for all audiences? Agreed the platforms employed by the media are shaping political, economic and the social life. These in themselves do not pose a challenge however some of the contents produce with the quest to driving home the conversation possess potential risks and danger to children and young people. For the purposes of this write up, we would limit the definition to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child because it is…

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The woman climbing Kilimanjaro for African children

A Ghanaian woman is on a mission to climb Kilimanjaro to raise awareness about online safety. Awo Aidam Amenya is advocating and pushing for the protection of children online. Amenya is also the executive director of the organization, Child Online Africa. She wants to use the project to also raise funds for more advocacy works. In statement Amenya said she is embarking on the project called “Kili4theAfricanChild” to “make a case for online safety for the African child”. She is hoping to also create “awareness on the need to protect…

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