CAR refugees in Chad: “What’s happening right now is unacceptable”

  “It is critical to recognise that the vast majority of these persons have fled violent situations in order to save their own lives” SARAH CHATEAUHEAD OF MISSION, CHAD 18.03.2014 Refugees fleeing the Central African Republic (CAR) have to endure a long and torturous journey to escape the violence in their home country. Unfortunately once they reach Chad, their struggles continue.  Bitoye Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has been in Bitoye for the past three weeks, setting up a primary health facility in the small town of 10,000 which has…

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Children are new targets in Central Africa’s conflict

CHILDREN OF WAR: A woman sits on a bed as children who suffer from nutritional problems are pictured at the therapeutical nutritional unit of the Pedriatic hospital in Bangui.IN THE latest violence to rock the crisis-prone and poor Central African Republic, children have become deliberate targets of armed gangs, mainly because of their family’s faith, aid workers say.

“Before now, children were collateral victims, but today some of them are targeted directly,” said Ombretta Pasotti, who coordinates work by the Italian NGO Emergency at the paediatric hospital in Bangui, which took in the first child casualties.

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Central African Republic needs international help

By Dieudonné Nzapalainga and Omar Kabine Layama, Published: December 27 Dieudonné Nzapalainga is the Roman Catholic archbishop of Bangui. Omar Kabine Layama is imam and president of the Central African Republic Islamic Community. As many participate in religious celebrations at this time of the year, our country, the Central African Republic, remains on the brink of religious warfare. In a place that most of the world struggles to find on a map, more than 2 million people, nearly half of the nation’spopulation, are in desperate need of aid. As we write, approximately 40,000 people without shelter or toilets are…

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CAR: Machete Wielding Youths Lay Corpses In Bangui Streets

The United Nations was alarmed yesterday when dozens of dead bodies were found lying all over the streets in Bangui town in the Central African Republic. The dead bodies are a reflection of the work being done by youths armed with machetes and grenades who have embarked on a career of mass massacre. The Archbishop and the Imam of Bangui came out recently and warned over the terror being spread by these youths but his warning was not head. “There is a complete disorder. Young people are carrying grenades and…

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Looting, killing of Christians, churches set on fire in CAR – UN

  People are pictured at a refugee camp set in the garden of Notre Dame de Fatima church, in Bangui, Central African Republic on December 16, 2013. Picture: FRED DUFOUR / AFP GENEVA  – Some 210,000 people have been uprooted from their homes by violence in the Central African Republic capital in the past two weeks alone, the United Nations said on Tuesday. “The situation is very serious and appears to be worsening,” UN refugee agency spokesman Adrian Edwards told AFP. About 210,000 people fled their homes in Bangui after…

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Central African Republic: Tragedy At the Imam’s House

Photo: Voxcom/IRIN Some of the LRA soldiers sit outside, Sudan, April 2007. On Thursday morning, the photographer Marcus Bleasdale and I went to see the imam of Bossangoa, Central African Republic (CAR), at his home in the Muslim Boro district of the town. The situation in Bossangoa was tense as word spread of heavy fighting in the capital, Bangui, between the mostly Muslim ex-Seleka forces that now rule the country, and the Christian anti-balaka militias backed by defecting soldiers still loyal to the president ousted in March, Francois Bozizé. At the…

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What’s at stake in the Central African Republic?

 Recent events in the Central African Republic (CAR) provides a test-case for the future of the continent and the role of imperialist governments in their ongoing interventions into the internal affairs of various nation-states. Threatened with a rebel alliance, known as Seleka, the regime of President Francois Bozize has been making an effort to remain in power by requesting the assistance of France as well as regional states in and around central Africa.

Bozize’s government has enjoyed French support for many years. A former colony of Paris, the country of 4.4 million is rich with mineral resources that have not been effectively utilized for the benefit of the majority of people inside


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