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Uganda’s President Museveni assumes chairmanship of the East African Community

Uganda has assumed the chairmanship of the East African Community. President Museveni takes over from Tanzania President Magufuli. President Museveni, new EAC Chairman addressed the summit, emphasized the need for integration “for our region’s prosperity and security”


“The people of East Africa are interlinked, I can address people all the way from Uganda to Mwanza in my dialect. We have the advantage of Swahili, a language not owned by a tribe, we can’t fail to unite to guarantee our future.


President Museveni turns to Swahili, “Africa tunaishi kwa bahati. Integration of the East African Community is for our region’s prosperity and security.”


“The U.S., China, Russia and India have gone to the moon, only we [Africa, EAC] are still here.”


“I have been officially mandated to harmonize the vision on this issue of EPA within member States. Burundi is a member of the East African Community. How can they sign EPA with the European Union when they are under sanctions?” – says President Museveni who earlier urged the west not to take decisions on African countries without consulting the continent.


Speaking after the handover, EAC Secretary Gen Amb. Liberat Mfmukeko assured President Museveni of the secretariat’s 100% cooperation.

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