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Why the inside of your car is filthier than a toilet seat

– – Do you know that your car could be hosting the most germs compared to your toilet? Well researchers in the UK say cars are not only filthy on the outside but inside too. In fact cars host more germs of significantly higher levels than the average toilet seat, according to a study by researchers at Aston University in Birmingham, UK. The researchers say they collected swab samples from the insides of five used cars and compared them with swabs from two toilets. They found in most cases high levels of bacteria…

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Tanzania’s sanitary workers dig faeces with bare hands

There is a looming health crisis in Tanzania as millions of its nationals rely on the services of illegal sanitary workers to take care of their sewage. The workers popularly called “frogmen” dive into pit latrines with buckets and a shovel – then dig out faecal matter with their bare hands. The spotlight has been put on the health risks associated with their work on the occasion of the World Toilet Day. A joint report issued by the International Labour Organisation, the World Bank and WaterAid said up to 90% of…

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