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Rights activists kick against Ghana’s anti-LGBT+ draft bill

– – Various human rights activists have expressed their displeasure at an attempt by Ghana’s lawmakers to pass a law that criminalizes activities of LGBTQ+ persons and those who advocate such rights in the country. Last month eight members of Ghana’s Parliament jointly submitted a private bill to push for the criminalization of LGBTQI+ activities. The bill, titled “Bill on the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values”, was presented to Speaker, Alban Bagbin who is an anti-LGBT+ activist. The proponents of the bill want the promotion,…

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How To Remain Bosom Friends With The Law!

However minor, severe or abominable, almost everybody commits crime! The adorable part is, not everybody gets caught! Likewise, not everyone who gets caught, gets convicted. The law is a shrewd old busy woman who’s got her hands full everyday, so she bothers very little about the truth. The ‘truth’ according to her job description, is the assembling of “factual evidence” which although may be crafted in falsehood, can also be proven beyond all reasonable doubt! Doesn’t it feel a bit awkward, how one could be innocent but extremely guilty at…

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