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Ugandan lawmakers vote to pass stricter anti-LGBTQ law

Ugandan lawmakers on Tuesday passed into law a stricter anti-gay bill which outlines harsher punishment for people who engage in same-sex activities. Penalties under the new legislation include a 10-year-jail term for anyone who engages in same-sex relationships or identifies as LGBTQ. There was very little opposition to the bill in parliament, which has majority of members backing the controversial legislation.… Read More
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Body of Kenyan gay activist found in metal box

A young fashion designer and LGBTQ activist in Kenya Edwin Chiloba has been found dead, police have said. His body was found dumped in a metal box by the roadside near the town of Eldoret. Police have now launched an investigation into the incident. Human rights organisations in Kenya are linking his death to his sexuality although the motive for… Read More
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Kenya: Education Minister wants gay students de-boardenized

– – Kenya’s education minister has stirred controversy by proposing that gays should not be allowed to study in boarding schools. Prof George Magoha argues that the presence of gay students in boarding schools is an infringement on the rights of other learners. According to Prof Magoha instead that the gay students “moving from one bed to another”, they should… Read More
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Rwandan gospel singer Albert Nabonibo reveals he is gay

A Rwandan gospel singer has revealed his sexual orientation in an interview with a Christian YouTube channel on Monday. Albert Nabonibo, 35 revealed that he is gay and was ready to face the backlash that comes with his disclosure. Many of his fans have expressed shock at his disclosure in an African society that conservative and not open to homosexuality.… Read More