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Eswatini’s Umhlanga Reed Dance underway

2022 Umhlanga Reed Dance dates officially announced! 15th August 2022 The dates the biggest cultural event in Eswatini have been announced and a hive of colourful activity will soon descend upon the country in the form of the festival known as ‘Umhlanga’ or Reed Dance. The Festival is set to start on the 30th of August, with the main day (Day… Read More
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Eswatini shuts down Facebook to quell protests

– – The Eswatini government has asked leading telecom operator MTN, to shut down social media giant Facebook. The government wants to curb pro-democracy protests that have been going on for months amid calls for political reforms. Social media platforms have been accused by the government of “irresponsibly” spreading misinformation, which was “contributing to the violent attacks and events around… Read More
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Covid-19: Hospitals in Eswatini ‘run out of body bags’

– – Hospitals in Eswatini are reportedly running out of body bags due to a surge in COVID-19-deaths. The Times of Swaziland reported that a source at a hospital told the publication “that in the past two weeks, most of the bodies were wrapped in sheet-covers and put into plastic materials upon being confirmed dead.” The source was quoted as… Read More
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Prime Minister of Eswatini dies after testing positive for Covid-19

King Mswati III was crowned in 1986 at the age of 18, succeeding his long-serving father King Sobhuza II, who died at the age of 82. The king rules by decree and has been criticised for the heavy-handed treatment of opponents and for requesting public money to pay for new palaces and luxury cars. Eswatini, located in southern Africa is… Read More
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Green Lifestyle Festival Eswatini’s New Eco-friendly Party!

Eswatini (Swaziland) is well known for its colourful and vibrant festivals, both traditional and modern, from the Umhlanga Reed Dance to MTN Bushfire. If there is anywhere in Africa that knows how to throw a proper party, it’s Eswatini! But now, a new festival in this small but perfectly formed Kingdom is going one step further. As well as the usual once-in-a-lifetime performances to… Read More