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Kenyan girl stabbed 20 times to death for rejecting boy

A Kenyan girl has been stabbed 20 times to death by her 17- year-old male neighbour who she had rejected an intimate request from. Police in Kenya say the girl was killed after she turned down the boy’s request to get intimate during a visit to the killer’s house. The girl, a Form Two girl was just returning a book earlier given to her by the 17- year-old attacker when things turned tragic. Naivasha Sub-county DCIO Kenneth Njoroge told local media that “The boy attempted to defile the girl but…

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[Video]: Outrage as woman beats boy, locks him in dog cage

There is outrage in Nigeria after an unidentified woman was captured in a viral video on social media brutalising a boy. She then locks the boy up in a dog cage, abandoning him for hours. The video was first shared on Instagram by comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, on Sunday. The woman could be seen flogging the shirtless boy with what appeared to be a belt. The 50-second amateur video appeared to have been recorded by someone looking on from afar. There was no signal what really happened before the woman started…

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The Village where male children are rarely born

Miejsce Odrzańskie, a small village in southern Poland, near the border with the Czech Republic, is offering to reward the first local family to give birth to a son. None have been born there in the last nine years, and the youngest one that still lives in the village is 12-years-old. No one knows why, but couples in Miejsce Odrzańskie rarely have boys. Most of the 300 or so inhabitants are women, and locals say it’s been this way for as long as they can remember. Mayor Rajmund Frischko recently…

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