“The duty of the youth is to challenge corruption”

By Jennifer Fierberg Once again, President Kagame’s delusions have taken over common sensibility. The Rwandan Police published a press release today that a Reconciliation Activist, singer and RPF supporter, Kizito Mihigo, along with a demobilized soldier and Christian Radio station personality have been arrested for collaborating with the Rwandan National Congress as well as the FDLR. Their charges are treason… Read More

What is really behind President Kagames anger at France?

By Jennifer Fierberg In a surprising turn of events, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda made disparaging comments about France’s role in the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. In response, the French delegation cancelled their plans deciding not to participate in the 20th Commemoration ceremonies of the Rwandan Genocide. France and Rwanda have had strained relations for many years due to numerous… Read More

20th anniversary of Rwandan Genocide commemorated by Paul Rusesabagina

  As the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide draws near, one of the event’s most well-known figures, Paul Rusesabagina, the man who inspired the film “Hotel Rwanda,” spoke at Rackham Auditorium to more than 700 people as part of the University’s commemoration of the ethnic cleansing. During his address, Rusesabagina outlined the history of the Rwandan Civil War, as… Read More

The Men Who Killed Me

By: Jennifer Fierberg Many books have been written about the 1994 Rwandan Genocide from various perspectives. The majority of the books analyse the unending question of was this war planned, unplanned, a spontaneous outbreak of mass violence or an organized and strategic event that took the lives of almost one million people in just 100 days.  Many questions will always… Read More

Gerald Gahima: “Root Causes of Conflict Must be Addressed”

As Rwanda commemorates 18 years since the genocide that claimed the lives of some 800,000 people, a former Rwanda chief prosecutor has warned that the likelihood of renewed conflict, even conflict along sectarian lines, is very real in Rwanda. Gerald Gahima said the Rwandan society has the challenge of ensuring that violence like that experienced in the past does not… Read More


Gothenburg, Sweden, 2012/04/07 Our ref: RPP/01/18ARG/R01/2105/JVK/07A12-GS   Fellow Rwandan and friends of Rwanda today is 18 years since the 1994 genocide that visited our country and people. This is not a week for a political statement but for the Rwandan people to display unreservedly their unified strong stand in denouncing the grim horror of the 90 days of relentless and… Read More