“The duty of the youth is to challenge corruption”

By Jennifer Fierberg

Once again, President Kagame’s delusions have taken over common sensibility. The Rwandan Police published a press release today that a Reconciliation Activist, singer and RPF supporter, Kizito Mihigo, along with a demobilized soldier and Christian Radio station personality have been arrested for collaborating with the Rwandan National Congress as well as the FDLR. Their charges are treason against the state and planning terrorist attacks.

This has to be President Kagames most ridiculous move!

In part, the press release from the Rwandan National Police states:

“Statement of Rwanda National Police on arrest of Kizito Mihigo, Cassien Ntamuhanga and Jean Paul Dukuzumuremyi

Monday, 14 April 2014

Rwanda National Police today revealed the arrest of three individuals suspected of offenses against state security. The three who the Police believe had been recruited by Rwanda National Congress and working for some time in collaboration with the FDLR are: Kizito Mihigo, a musician was arrested last Friday; Cassien Ntamuhanga, a journalist at Amazing Grace Radio who had earlier been reported missing was arrested this morning; and Jean Paul Dukuzumuremyi, a demobilised soldier arrested last Saturday.

Mihigo, Ntamuhanga and Dukuzumuremyi are under investigation for involvement in planning terrorist attacks against Rwanda, planning violent overthrow of the government, planning to assassinate government officials and inciting violence among the population.

The three are suspected to be working closely with senior members of Rwanda National Congress (RNC) and the FDLR, and participating actively in a network that has carried out several grenade attacks and continues to plan terrorist action against Rwanda.”

The police further state that grenades were found in the possession of “accomplices arrested during the investigation” but those suspects were not named.

Kizito Mihigo was reported missing early last week along with the two other men in separate incidents.

John E. Mugabi a Rwandan living in exile stated to this reporter, “The fact that Mihigo was not among the key mourners invited as a musician (he had always been on the forefront) was a signal something was terribly wrong.” In 2011 he performed his famous song on reconciliation during the Rwandan Genocide commemoration ceremonies to the praise of the Rwandan government. The song came under scrutiny in the last few months because the words of the song did not specify Tutsi but all victims who died during the war. Mr. Mihigo was informed that he must change the lyrics to his song to state Tutsi but he refused. His arrest was assumedly decided at that time.

Ironically, this may be President Kagames greatest move. Many from inside Rwanda have contacted this writer to report the outrage and shock that they are not allowed to express openly due to fear of their own safety. None seems to believe the allegations against these young men could possibly be true.

The RNC has made a preliminary statement in reaction to these events:

“We condemn the arrest of all the aforementioned, and the RNC is not involved in grenade attacks of any kind. We are outraged that after politicians and journalists now the government of Rwanda is silencing artists who do not worship RPF gospel.”

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