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The Kumericans Used Only Months To Trend In USA, But It Took Wizkid 10 Years- Columbian Musician

A neutral person who is neither a Ghanaian nor a Nigerian has added his voice to this notion “whether Ghanaian musicians or Nigerian musicians are better or adding value to world music.

As a matter of fact Ghanaians and Nigerians are brothers and so are the musicians in these two great Nations. There have been several misunderstanding about which country produces good music or music that goes beyond the shores of their respective countries.

A Columbian musician known as MC Dementor has added his his voice or opinion to this unsettled bragging rights between these two music industries. Of course MC Dementor admitted that both of these industries add a lot of value to world music.

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MC Dementor was very clear with his explanation and he made it known to his fans and the world that, Ghanaian musicians add 200% to world music because they have several genres but the Nigerian music industry only add one music genre to it and that is Afro beats.

One of the most interesting thing he revealed on his Facebook platform is that, the Kumerica trend in United States of America (USA) took small months but Wizkid is still trying to conquer the USA market after 10 almost years in the industry.

Below is the post from the Columbian musician.

Without any doubt, the Kumerica based artistes or movement that came into the limelight in less than three years have been making headlines at home and abroad.

They truly deserve to be hyped because their style has added a lot to world music.

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MC Dementor

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