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Tekno talks about music, recovery & manifestations on Joey Akan’s “Afrobeats Intelligence” Podcast

Nigerian singer, hitmaker, and music producer Tekno is the latest superstar to sit down with music journalist Joey Akan for an interview on his podcast show, Afrobeats Intelligence.

In this episode, Tekno opens up on his journey so far: his time in school, getting a piano from his dad, his love for pianos, his first big break, meeting Ubi Franklin, leaving Abuja, producing hits, fame, losing his voice, and lots more.

On how he experienced fame in Abuja

“I had a song, Onye ne kwu” and then Ubi and Iyanya had a show in Transcorp Hilton. I played in that show. I played the same song and everyone went crazy. Ubi had to come back after the show and he’s like, Lagos, how far na? I was still solo then, just performing. I wasn’t signed. I was with this guy that held me and he wanted to kill me like, anybody that wanted to sign me must give him like N50,000,000 million or some crazy sh*t. I was with that guy then. I played that show and everyone fell in love with the song and I started getting shows in Abuja and doing a couple shows in different places. I got famous.

On losing his voice:

It was painful. You know like how you have a sore throat and it comes, after a few weeks it goes. I had a sore throat. One week passed, two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, one month, two months, three months and it’s not gone. After a while, it started to hurt. My vocal cord was swollen. It was inflamed for like months. It was red.

In this interview, the singer shares more on this, how he contemplated suicide and some deep insight into his music making process.

Watch the episode below:

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