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Singer Ric Hassani addresses rumours of a relationship with Waje

Ric Hassani, who has been linked to Waje, has addressed the dating rumours. He also said he is fine with infidelity in partnerships.

In an interview with Hot FM Lagos, Hassani stated that he is OK with infidelity in a romantic relationship. His view is that you only have one shot at life, so you may as well make the most of it.

The artist says he doesn’t mind infidelity as long as there’s a “deeper connection” between him and his partner. He went so far as to promise to drive his wife to the man’s residence if she ever felt like cheating on him.

In his words, “Honestly I don’t mind cheating. I mean you have one life. If you feel like that’s what you wanna do, fine as long as we have a deeper connection. If you are my partner and you feel like, somebody else might be better then me, mehn I go drive you go the guy house.”

After that, he addressed the rumors that he was dating Waje, saying that they are false.

Rumors of an affair between the two spread online some years ago, but neither party ever spoke publicly about it.

The musician explained that he had first planned to remain silent about the news because he was waiting to see what would happen.

He reaffirmed that they are not dating and that he is OK with their relationship as friends.


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