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Mubarak Bala: Blasphemy Allegations, Religious Oppression and Muslim Majority in Northern Nigeria

It is now almost four weeks since the police arrested Nigerian atheist, Mubarak Bala following a petition that he insulted the prophet of Islam. The police have, in the quest to appease the petitioners and the Islamist base, held Mr. Bala incommunicado, without access to lawyers and family members. The police have yet to charge him in court. And in… Read More
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What Have We Benefited From Being ‘Politically Correct?’

Political correctness has evolved quite interestingly, into a common media practice and a cardinal feature of journalistic writing/urban verbal expression. In recent times, you call into a radio or TV program to air your view on certain issues of interest, and you’re confined to a restricted freedom of expression. Your choice of words are monitored and streamlined by policies like:… Read More