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What Have We Benefited From Being ‘Politically Correct?’

Donald Trump wins the US Presidency – Scares the world

Political correctness has evolved quite interestingly, into a common media practice and a cardinal feature of journalistic writing/urban verbal expression. In recent times, you call into a radio or TV program to air your view on certain issues of interest, and you’re confined to a restricted freedom of expression.

Your choice of words are monitored and streamlined by policies like: “Be mild and polite” or “Be objective, not offensive” regardless of how pained or aggrieved your concerns are.
You pen down expository journals that seem blunt but are truthful and incisive, and of course you don’t get published!

A media person will shrug a bit at this point, reiterating in his/her mind how political correctness is very essential for peaceful coexistence, stability and world peace.
But a lot of times, we’ve adulterated our linguistic construction, using subtle words to express our dissatisfaction on issues we’re discomforted with, yet:

• Citizens continue at loggerheads with each other

• Black people (mostly African-Americans) continue to be mad at Caucasians, no matter the upgrade of terms used in addressing their skin color

• The continuous hankering for the blood of Christians persist in Northern Nigeria, despite the tolerant and sometimes, cowardly nature of the Christians

• Capitalist churches continue to hold back remuneration of taxes to the government, yet amass so much wealth for themselves under the shade of religion. (If Jesus paid his tax, why shouldn’t the church?).

• In disguise of civil liberty, humans are gradually on the verge of outgrowing the desire for gay rights, to begin the struggle for lawful recognition of animal/human sexual partnership.

I think it’s about time we became ‘politically incorrect!’

Almost half the population of the world at this time, breed so much disgust and contempt for President Trump because of his blunt but most of the time, truthful approach to issues. Regardless of the flattering quantity of hatred he enjoys, his ‘political incorrectness’ surprisingly won him the American presidency!

Famous American preacher Joel Osteen of the Lakewood church, got rattled by a journalist on TV while addressing issues concerning gay marriage. In a bid to be ‘politically correct,’ he eventually succumbed to pressure, accepting the possibility of attending a gay wedding if the opportunity presents itself, without considering his office as a clergy who logically should be bound by the precepts of the Bible he preaches.

We shouldn’t be bullied by the insatiable desires of society to accept or speak mildly against what we don’t believe in. If it isn’t black, it simply isn’t black! And cannot be replaced with shades of grey!

Nimi Princewill. Twitter: @princewill_nimi

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