Heavy Floods across Malawi have caused many to be displaced, Emergency help needed for many

The areas that were once affected and assessed by some members of the District Civil Protection Committee as led by the District Commissioner, indicated a total of 301 households affected so far by 6th January, 2015.

The households affected are from GVH Medrum under T/A Mulilima, GVH Nkhwazi under Senior Chief Ngabu, GVH M’bande under T/A Maseya, GVH Mafale, and GVH Chipakuza under the area of Paramount Chief Lundu.

However, the figures continued to rise for GVH Sekeni and GVH Chipakuza in Lundu’s area, Plus that from GVH Nkhwazi in Ngabu’s area. More similar reports were noted whereby other new villages from the mentioned T/As above got equally affected. For instance GVH Mzangaya in Ngabu area has also been hit by floods and the people of the area are displaced at the moment.

Meanwhile, education has temporarily been disrupted at Sekeni primary school.

Red Cross has so far provided the victims with 15 tents, with a call from the district council for urgent relief food items to assist the people.

The District Commissioner further said is optimistic to receive food aid and shelter possibly from department of disaster, Illovo sugar company, World vision Malawi among others.

And in a related development in Salima an estimated 40 hectares of crops have been destroyed by excessive rain in the area of Group Village Headman Mtonga in Senior Chief Kalonga.

According to Assistant District Disaster Officer (ADDO) Blessings Kamtema the damage came after the excessive rains on Tuesday afternoon.

Kamtema said that assessment made on Wednesday morning has shown that there were no deaths or injury to persons.

“However there were a few houses that were flooded as a result of the rains and about 17 persons slept at Kaphatenga Primary school as their houses were inhabitable,” said Kamtema.

Agriculture Extension Development Officer (AEDO) for the area Robert Baye said that the area received 115mm of rain in less than two hours.

“The amount of rain was so huge to come at once in normal cases that rain is supposed to fall in two days, that is why it resulted in floods that destroyed the crops and some houses,” said Baye.

Baye further said that the crops damaged include maize, cotton and ground nuts.

Heavy Rains in Malawi“In some areas the crops were completed damaged and the famers will need to replant,” said Baye.

On the way forward Kamtema said that the council and other well wishers will respond after they get the report of the assessment.

“The assessment team has recommended that houses that are partially damaged should not be occupied for some time as the risk of another flood is very eminent. It also recommended that shelter should be provided for the six families and seed for replanting should be made available as soon as possible,” said Kamtema.


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