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Azimo to halve the cost of sending money abroad from Australia

– – October 29th, 2020, London UK: Faster, cheaper money transfers are coming to Australia thanks to a new service from Azimo, one of Europe’s leading fintech companies. Azimo, which has operated in Europe since 2012, will now help people in Australia send money to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, including China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand. The company… Read More
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Arrests made in Ghana, Nigeria over money-transfer scams

Police in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya have reportedly made dozens of arrests over large-scale money-transfer scams. Suspects arrested reportedly carried out the scams by tricking victims into wiring money to bank accounts controlled by fraudsters. More than 250 people were arrested in 10 countries, according to the FBI which added that raids in the US, UK, Turkey, France, Italy, Japan… Read More
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Digital money transfer service Azimo reaches profitability

Azimo, Europe’s leading digital money transfer service, today announced that it has reached profitability during Q2 2019. Following the successful expansion of sending to regions such as Africa and south-east Asia, the volume of transfers enabled by Azimo increased by 60% year on year. Building on the momentum of its expansion strategy, Azimo will be extending its services to allow… Read More
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Xoom or WorldRemit: Finding the best money transfer service for Ghana

The Best Remittance Provider for Africa? Funding personal businesses from abroad and sending money to relatives and friends living in Africa has become a valuable endeavor to individuals living abroad. Fortunately, technological advancement across the globe has made international money remittance swift and efficient. Today, you can send money from USA or Canada in a matter of minutes, through online… Read More