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UN tells Ghana to fix ‘inhumane’ treatment of mental health patients

United Nations member countries have urged Ghana’s government to fix the inhumane treatment of people with mental health conditions in the country. These recommendations were made on January 24, 2023, at the Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review of Ghana. The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process was established in 2006, to assess the human rights records of each UN member state every… Read More
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Ghana: Chaining people with mental health conditions persists

– – Ghana’s government has taken inadequate steps to end the chaining and inhumane treatment of people with real or perceived mental health conditions – psychosocial disabilities – in faith-based and traditional healing centers despite a 2017 ban on such treatment, Human Rights Watch said today. A decade after the adoption of the 2012 Mental Health Act, which establishes a… Read More
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Zambian activists lament surge in Alcohol and Substance Abuse

– – Mental health activists in Zambia, have lamented the extent to which young people’s mental health is affected by alcohol and substance abuse. According to research, mental health disorders are a leading cause of health disability in 10-to-24-year-olds in Zambia and a recent report released in Lusaka, reveals that the country has experienced increased numbers of children committing suicide,… Read More
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People with mental health conditions still living in chains

– – Hundreds of thousands of people with mental health conditions are shackled around the world, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Men, women, and children, some as young as 10, are chained or locked in confined spaces for weeks, months, and even years, in about 60 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. The 56-page report, “Living… Read More
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Ghana’s faith healers defy ban on chaining of patients

Faith-based and traditional healing centers in Ghana are reported to be defying a ban on chaining up patients considered to be suffering mental health conditions. According to Human Rights Watch, the ban on chaining patients at these healing centers was announced in 2017 but such a treatment continues. On Wednesday the rights group said in a statement that from November 4… Read More
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Ghana: Ex-bipolar disorder patient helping others to recover

Mental health issues are often controversial globally and in many African societies they are discussed superstitiously. Those with mental conditions hardly speak out and families with persons with mental health conditions often suffer discrimination. But in Ghana, one young man who suffered from bipolar disorder has now recovered and is speaking about the condition. He is also helping other mental… Read More