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Zimbabwe to roll out new bank notes in November

Zimbabwe’s central bank has said that the country’s new bank notes and coins will be in circulation in November this year. The Zimbabwe dollar currency was re-introduced this year after the country abandoned the US dollar as its official currency. This was to stabilize Zimbabwe’s economy which is still struggling to survive and currently in crisis. Zimbabwe’s President, Emmerson Mnangagwa in June said his country needed another new currency by end of year. He argued that this would help stabilise prices and inflation. Zimbabwe’s central bank governor John Mangudya told…

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Gambia releases new bank notes without Jammeh’s portrait

Gambia on Tuesday officially released new bank notes that will be without the portrait of the former President Yahya Jammeh. On Monday the Gambian central bank governor, Bakary Jammeh presented copies of the new notes to President Adama Barrow. The notes have now been released to the public through commercial banks. Gambia uses the dalasi and has been in circulation since independence in 1965. Yahya Jammeh who was forced out of office in 2016 use to have his pictures all over Gambia currency banknotes. But in an attempt to wipe…

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