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Obama remains a lame duck while he is deleted from History

For starters, this is not a performance worth even defending. This work and these deals are the most terrible and misdirected deals that are possible.

If you know the reality behind these deals, then you yourself will laugh at the stupidity of these deals.

Lack of cooperation led to Administrative Incompetence

One of Obama’s major drawback was … lack of cooperation. Obama somehow found the courage the standup to the Establishment and Israel’s unnecessary influence in America. Obama had the courage to question Israel … but he did not have the understanding of how it will affect his work as President… how the Congress will react to his moves … and how the entire medium would turn against him.

On one side … Obama dared to question Israel’s settlements in Palestinian lands … and on the other side … there were repeated attempts to repeal Obamacare. Obama moved forward with the Iran Nuclear Deal … and he found massive resistance from the both houses … as the Republicans held majority in both houses. To the extent that … the Republicans directly warned Iran of the cancellation of the deal under the next President. Obama made a major miscalculation in the opposing forces he would face from within his own country when he stood up to Israel.

Conspiracy Theory!

Now, if Obama blames Israel or Netanyahu … for the cancellation of all of his works and deals … it would be called a “conspiracy theory”. What is the connection between Obamacare and Israel? Well, when you mess with Israel … then you just buried your political aspirations, life and influence in America. The Jewish Establishment owns 90% of the mainstream media and control 70-80% of the Congress. All of these Jewish groups work as one entity … under one ideology … with one objective … and that is using goyim for their benefit. Messing with Israel creates enemies for you from out of nowhere.

Misdirected Deals

Obama did a great job in holding the country together … with poise, peace and composure … despite the opposition he had … despite the repeated attempts to increase wars and create conflict with Russia. He knew the ship was hit … he knew the ship was sinking … despite that he maintained the country in peace and harmony. He refused to initiate major conflicts … he refused to initiate a conflict with Russia. This is actually one of his major accomplishments of “holding the country together in peace” which will never be noted.


But most of the work that has been done … deals that have been made … are mainly “misdirected” deals. This is what these guys do … they stand right next to you and mislead you. And they did this very successfully in many deals under the Obama Administration.


The Reset with Cuba


Obama was worried about his legacy and name … he wanted some landmark deals that could be attributed to him. Heh … they advised him to mend relations with Cuba and make a “historic” visit to Cuba. Lol … Obama fell for it and he tried to reset relations with Cuba. What Obama does not know is … what is Cuba, why is Cuba a Communist country and why Cuba hates America? Communism is a system designed by Jews to leech out resources from Christian and other goyim countries. Almost all communist countries “protect Jews” … while using and extracting resources from non-Jews. They maintain the “hate” against America because of its Christian Democratic nature. And secondly, because they need Cuba as a backup to escape to … just in case America turns against Jews. Which is why you will find a massive Jewish population living in Florida … which is just about a couple of hours from Cuba by ship. And they sent Obama to mend relations with Cuba … they already knew that Cuba would only fart back in response to America’s friendship.


And that’s exactly what happened. Obama went … shook hands … and after a few days … they just farted back in response and played down the whole thing. Why? Because our lovely Jews need Cuba to remain a Communist country that hates America. So that … if America turns against them … they have safe haven to turn to. Cuba is their backup plan. Our lovely Jewish Establishment already knows the amount of exploitation that has been setup in America … they know that anytime this turn can happen.




The same goes with Obamacare. Did you know that a major chunk of Obamacare was a copy of Romney Care? Something that Mitt Romney was running in his own State. Mitt Romney is one of the biggest leeches in American politics. He believes that “corporations are people” … and corporations should have the same level of respect and rights as people. They misled Obama into copying stuff from the best leech in the country … Obama happily copied and created a healthcare system where the premiums would sky rocket. Trust me … not worth defending.

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