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Ghana: Lecturer files suit against teaching of evolution theory

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A Ghanaian lecturer has filed a suit at the country’s apex court against the teaching of the evolution theory in schools.

Dr Johnson Anane who is an Assistant Lecturer at the Sunyani Technical University wants the Supreme Court to declare that man was created by God and not through the evolution theory propounded by some scientists.

Local newspaper, The Mirror reported that the plaintiff argued that the evolution theory is an affront to the Christian faith.

He also contended that the theory and the solar system theory were against the Bible which said God created the earth.

According to him, days, nights, years and seasons were created by God and do not come about as a result of any movement of the earth.

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“The implications of the theories are that the creative work of God as stated in Genesis has been cancelled, denied or nullified,” he stated in his writ.

Apart from urging the highest court of the land to uphold his claims, Anane also wants the court to ban the study of the evolution theory and the solar system in the country.

“These theories are taught in schools need to be banned or abolished,” he said.

The suit is against the Director General of the Ghana Education Service, the President of the Ghana Science Association of Ghana and the Attorney-General Department.

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The A-G has prayed the court to dismiss the writ, arguing that it is without merit.

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