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Gambia: Massive US visa refusals as a result of Trump’s immigration Policies

A family member got refused a visa to the US this week even though they had close to a million dalasis and have traveled extensively in the past. They currently even hold a UK visa, which is  due to expire in 2022. After enquiries, her daughter was told by someone working at the embassy that there is currently a restricted quota placed on the Gambia hence the numerous refusals.

I wanted to ask if you are aware of this, as I know last year the State Department said the visa ban would only affect government workers.

I want to believe this new information due to the status of the person refused and the fact that the person, who gave this information is a Gambian working at the embassy.

We would be very grateful if you can investigate this information. The Gambian government under Jammeh, was among the eleven countries refusing to accept deportees from the US.

Finally, I want to congratulate you for your amazing job of getting information to the Gambian people. May you continue to be increasingly successful.

Kind Regards.

An Avid Listener

Editors note: We could not reach the US Embassy for comment during the weekend. Thanks for your attention.

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